Bannatyne Street, Lanark, ML11 7JR

01555 665 818

Monday9am - 8pm (Summer 9pm)

Tuesday9am - 8pm (Summer 9pm)

Wednesday9am - 8pm (Summer 9pm)

Thursday9am - 8pm (Summer 9pm)

Friday9am - 8pm (Summer 9pm)

Saturday9am - 8pm (Summer 9pm)

Sunday10am - 8pm (Summer 9pm)

At Valerio’s we take pride in our food and service.

Established in 1932 by Eugenio Valerio, Valerio’s soon became known throughout Lanarkshire for its excellent standards of service and quality of food.

Whether it is to their restaurant or to takeaway, we look forward to serving you their delicious fish and chips and making your visit both memorable and enjoyable.

We buy only the finest Scottish Angel cut haddock from sustainable fishing grounds, fried freshly to perfection in our renowned ultra-crisp golden brown batter.

Our chips are extra thick and cut from the best quality British potatoes that are suitable for vegetarians.

After enjoying your fish supper why not try a freshly made real dairy ice cream?

All of our takeaway boxes are 100% biodegradable and our carrier bags are made from unbleached and recycled paper. All cardboard waste used in the business is recycled, as is our glass waste.