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Congratulations to Jane Pillans who has been chosen as Crowning Lady for 2017!

Jane was Lanimer Queen in 1982 and her husband, Stephen, was Lord Cornet in 2013.

The exhibition at The Tolbooth was very interesting last weekend and let’s hope that the committee can bring the plans to life. A second event is due to take place on Friday 17 and Saturday 18 February and it is well worth going along to.

After I left the exhibition I couldn’t help but notice how many empty shops we have on the High Street, this seems to be the worst it has been for a while.

The Totally Locally campaign was a great way of promoting the benefits of shopping on our doorstep and it generated a lot of momentum, maybe this is something that the Business Group needs to take a look at again.

As ever if there is anything you would like to see included on The Lanark Website and touch screens just send me and email using the address below and I will get back to you as soon as I can - it's your website.

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