Lanark United Football Club

Moor Park, Hyndford Road, ML11 9BB

  • Formed in 1920
  • Play at Moor Park
  • Nicknamed The Yowes
  • Ex-players gone on to play at senior level
  • Partnership with local youth system
  • Managed by John Brogan

Lanark United is the town's junior football club and are based at Moor Park, a short distance away from Lanark Loch.

The club takes its nickname, The Yowes, as a result of the town’s farming heritage - and several interesting events involving a certain fluffy animal over the course of time!

When Lanark United moved to Moor Park in 1921 it was a regular match day occurrence that sheep, the ewes, had to be chased off the pitch before the game.
Moor Park was initially a field making up a part of Newmains Farm so the sheep were sitting tenants and were often fond of eating the grass.

Several Lanark United players have gone on to play at a senior level including Lex Gold, Alex Grant, Bobby McCallum, Jim Ferguson, Jim Dempsey, Jim McCulloch and more recently, Alan Gow, Dougie Imrie and Paul Burns.

Come along and support the Yowes!