Lanark Round Table

  • Supporting local causes
  • Participates in a range of activities
  • Learn new skills
  • Newcomers welcome
  • Organises various events
  • Active in the community

The Round Table movement is all about making friends, having fun, trying things you've not done before, and putting something back into your local community.

The real attraction of The Round Table Movement, however, goes far beyond this. Because what Tablers find, once they become members, is a unique combination of elements that you simply can't find in any other club.

What's in it for me? The Round Table is all about trying a diverse range of fun activities that you wouldn't normally do as an individual, with a group of people from different backgrounds, that you wouldn't normally meet. You can learn all sorts of new skills, while making a difference community and it's not just local -- it's a global movement, with clubs in more than 65 countries, on every continent on the world.