Lanark & District Archaeological Society

  • Founded in 1974
  • Covers the rich heritage of Clydesdale
  • Enthusiastic local Society
  • Aims to promote the history of the area
  • Close links with various similar organisations
  • Friendly and hard-working team

The Lanark and District Archaeological Society was first founded in 1974 to benefit the Clydesdale area.

It plays an active part in covering the rich heritage of Clydesdale since our foundation. They have links to other archaeological societies including those of The Biggar Archaeological Group under the leadership of Tam Ward. The other group is the Clydesdale Mills Society with whom they also have close contacts.

With the aid of a Heritage Lottery Grant, the Society launched the Clydesdale's Heritage web project which aims to promote the vast history of the area to the world.

You can visit the website at