Lanark Aeromodellers Club

Lanark Racecourse

Roger Paton - 01555 665305

  • New members always welcome
  • Tuition and advice by experienced flyers
  • Use of well maintained grassed area
  • Wonderful views of the surrounding hills
  • No nearby habitation to worry about
  • Unrestricted access to the site at any time

If you are interested in flying and hopefully building radio controlled model aircraft, then membership of a club is in reality the only way that this can be achieved. Any attempt to fly without proper instruction will inevitably end in costly failure and in all likelihood danger to yourself and others.

Although the advent of 'Almost Ready to Fly' trainers has made the beginner's life less complicated, a considerable commitment in terms of time and money is still required.

Before spending any money, why not come along to the club field and have a chat with the existing members. We have no time restrictions on our site and although most activity takes place at weekends, there are often members present during weekday afternoons and evenings.

The normal route for beginners nowadays is to purchase a purpose designed trainer model in the 40 class. This means it is a good compromise size, about 60 inch span and designed for a 40 2 stroke glow engine (6cc). The main structural components will be already built for you, hopefully to a high standard, leaving just the fitting out with radio gear and engine to be done. Again a club member or the staff of a good model shop will advise you in detail what is required.

Do not under any circumstances be tempted to start your modelling career with a scale Spitfire or Mustang! You have been warned. Much could be written about this aspect of model flying but there is really no substitute for hands on instruction from an experienced model flyer.

One matter which cannot be stressed enough is that of safety. Model aircrafts are potentially dangerous and can cause death or serious injury. You will be required to obtain insurance cover before being allowed to fly at the site. The good news is that substantial insurance cover is included with membership of the Scottish Aeromodellers Association with which they are affiliated and can be provided at the same time you join.

Still interested? Then don't delay. For any information feel free to contact the Club Secretary Roger Paton on 01555 665 305