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28 strong Lanark ASC team compete at Ren 96 Meet

Lanark ASC

A 28 strong Lanark ASC competed at the Ren 96 Meet held at Linwood. The young swimmers were in fine form with no fewer than 20 swimmers winning top 6 awards and 132 personal best times being posted. The award winners were Evi Mackie, Samantha Pratt, Katie Towers, Abbie Barnstaple, Joanna Dale, Ayla Miller, Justin Bone, Ross Carswell, Ian Henderson, Caitlyn Hamilton, Emma McCafferty, Anya McLaughlin, Ellarose Stewart, Cameron Bruce, Benji Jones, Niamh Jeffrey, Lucy Jones, Alistair Dunsmore, Connor Fallon and Michael Maxfield.

Coach Karen Kelly commented “A huge well done to the swimmers. The results speak for themselves but in any performance in sport there are also small things that can be done that wee bit better. That’s the challenge for the younger swimmers to take on board and work even harder in the training pool.”