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Romer leads the pack to win HLK Cleek

A busy season awaits for the members at Lanark Golf Club 

The annual competition for the HLI Cleek Bogey Competition was held at Lanark Golf Club last Saturday and the best score of the day was recorded by 15 handicap golfer Andrew Romer, who returned a score of five.

The next best score came from Mark Easton who recorded a four, playing off a handicap of 11.

Top 25 scores:

5   Andrew Romer

4   Mark Easton

3   Adrian O'Neill, Martin Webb, Glyn Owen, John Bogle

      Derek Brown, Eric Ralston

2   William McRuvie, Iain Steele, Paul McCafferty, Alan Russell.

       Ian Gold, Bob Rielly, Graham Kier, Stuart Gillon, Tom Gray,

       Craig Ewing

1    Stephen Wills, Robert Clark, Tommy Reilly, George Kearns,  

       Ryan Scully, Gordon Holmes