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National Baking Week - Have your cake and eat it in Lanark

Afternoon Tea

With the chillier days arriving, there's nothing more comforting than a nice hot cuppa and a tasty homebaked treat! Lucky for us, it's #NationalBakingWeek and here in Lanark we have a range of cafés offering up homebaked delights, from cakes and scones to bread and pides! Here are some ideas of where to get your next sugar fix: 


Le Petit

Le Petit has moved to a new home in the Wellgate and is now serving (takeaway only) a range of homemade pies, bread, rolls, cakes and takeaway afternoon tea (photographed above). Click here to visit the Facebook page.  Look out for Lanark's own 'Burgh Pie'!



New to Lanark High Street is 'Sprinkles' who serve a variety of sweet treats including: Scoops, Shakes, Cones, Crepes, Waffles & Cakes.Takeaway available and delivery coming soon! Click here to visit the Facebook page.



Langloch Farm

Also a fairly new addition to Lanark is 'Langloch Farm at CCI' which is located just past Lanark Agricultural Centre on Hyndford Road. Their Tearoom offers a delicious range of home baking and hot drinks, which can be enjoyed at the outside seating area. There's also a Nature Trail & Play Area, Gift Shop & Market Garden selling CCI botanics, woodcraft & garden produce. Click here to visit the Facebook page.

Langloch Farm


Tea Time

Tea Time in Lanark has recently rebranded and redecorated. The café serves up speciality soups, cakes and hot drinks. They are offering new 'sit in' Afternoon Teas (photographed below) for £12pp or also have a takeaway option for the afternoon teas. Click here to visit the Facebook page.



Broomgate Café

The Broomgate Café in the Broomgate has also recently been rebranded and redecorated! This café serves breakfasts, lunches, cakes, teas and coffees. Look out for their special 'big sponges' which vary weekly! Click here to visit the Facebook page.

Broomgate Cafe


The Duke's Deli

A popular spot in Lanark, The Duke's Deli serves a range of lunches, drinks, cakes and home baking from The Battlefield Bakery. Look out for delicious homemade breads, rolls, oatcakes and sweet treats. They offer 'sit in' and takeaway options, as well as selling a wide range of deli goods, gifts and bottled beverages to take home. Click here to visit the Facebook page.



The Hidden Courtyard

The Hidden Courtyard is nestled away down a close opposite St Nichlolas Church at the bottom of the High Street. The star of the show are their freshly baked pides (turkish filled bread) which come in a range of savoury and sweet flavours, from From Nutella to Pepperoni! They also sell a range of lunches, meals and hot drinks. Click here to visit the Facebook page.



New Lanark Mill Café

New Lanark's Mill Café is open 7 days a week serving a range of home baking, lunches, hot drinks and their new homemade pizzas. Don't forget New Lanark Ice Cream made within the World Heritage Site! Click here to visit the Facebook page. 



For those on the go, there are also options in Lanark such as Clark's the Bakers, Greggs and Costa on the High Street. 

Click here to view more places to Eat in Lanark.

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