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Lanark brothers 'go green' for Blue Peter Badge

Brothers Blue Peter Badge

Local brothers Dillon and Toby have been awarded a Blue Peter Green Badge for their recent green activities

During lockdown, the brothers have been busy in their garden recording 'Dillon & Toby's Garden Crafts' videos which have been shared with the 500+ members of the 'Wild About Lanark' Facebook Group.

Toby is going into Primary 5 at Lanark Primary School, and Dillon is starting First Year at Lanark Grammar School. 

Bue Peter Green Badges are awarded for sending in letters, pictures and makes that are about or inspired by the environment, conservation or nature. 

"A Blue Peter badge is the much sought-after prize on the long running children's show, Blue Peter. Badges are given for appearing on the show, or in recognition of a range of achievements.

The idea of the badge began in 1963, and very quickly the simple white plastic shield bearing the distinctive blue ship logo became a highly desirable object.

It has had a variety of re-designs, plus there are now 8 different types of badge - including a green one for environmental work and a gold one awarded for acts of extreme bravery - but its ethos remains constant."

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