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Consultation starts on a vision for Lanark

Lanark birds eye view

High Level View of Lanark – The Royal Burgh, New Lanark, the Falls of Clyde and its Designed Landscape. ©Google Earth

In the next few days, many local organisations will be contacted at the start of a consultation process which will eventually give every resident of Lanark and New Lanark an opportunity to contribute to a new vision for the community.

Last year, Lanark Community Development Trust combined with Discover Lanark and New Lanark Trust to commission a report on the potential of the area, based on the unique heritage of Lanark, New Lanark and the Falls of Clyde.  The partnership was recently joined by the Scottish Wildlife Trust.


The report by CMC Associates, specialists in guiding heritage led community regeneration, was sponsored by Border Biscuits Community Support and has now been published.   It can be found by anyone visiting the Lanark Community Development Trust website and links can be found on the website and those of the partner organisations.

The report suggests the general direction that the area might follow over the next ten years, not only to aid recovery from the Covid19 pandemic but also to lay a foundation for longer term prosperity and community development, taking best advantage of its natural and cultural heritage assets.  These include the Royal Burgh’s conservation area, the New Lanark World Heritage Site, the Falls of Clyde National Nature Reserve and the many strands of history related to them.

The report emphasises the importance of working together and ensuring good communications in the community, not least to facilitate effective community consultation.   It highlights the emerging priorities for rural communities in a greener environment, especially the need for better integrated transport and use of local renewable energy resources such as hydro, and points to the economic development opportunities than can accrue. 

A central concept of the consultants is the creation of an arrival hub for Lanark which provides good transport connections, a welcome for visitors on business or pleasure, information and signposting for access to our many points of interest. 

Lanark Community Development Trust is leading for the partnership and a spokesperson indicated that the consultants report will now form the basis of a discussion in the community on the best future for the area which will be set out in a plan which will be prepared in the light of responses received.  Stage one of the consultation will involve a questionnaire sent to local organisations which will be followed by a Stage two public consultation which will be advertised in the next few weeks.

Further information can be obtained from Lanark Community Development Trust, by contacting

Click here to read more about the project on the Development Trust website