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Makers Market weekends launched at New Lanark

New Lanark Maker Markets

The team at New Lanark were delighted to turn their exhibition space into a NEW ‘Makers Market’ for the first time at the weekend.

Makers, Artists and Designers from across the country brought their wares to exhibit at the first New Lanark’s Summer ‘Makers Markets’ where they showcased and sold their products in one of the most beautiful places in Scotland. From wands & handmade soap, candles, paintings & accessories, delicious local foods and gifts there was something for everyone.

New Lanark’s ‘Makers Market’ is a brand NEW market and will continue throughout the Summer on the following weekends; 13th, 14th, 27th & 28th July and the 10th & 11th August, showcasing the best of hand-made products from across Scotland.

Exhibitors included a number of designers who use New Lanark Yarn, including Albanach Yarns, an Indie Yarn Dyer based in East Lothian & the Scottish Borders, hand dyeing and hand painting a selection of luxury yarns in shades inspired by the Scottish Coast & Countryside. Passionate about yarn, Albanach seeks to inspire knitters, crocheteers and weavers with fabulous colour, texture and pattern inspiration, all knitted in New Lanark wool. The New Lanark ‘Harry Potter’ connection also continues on from the infamous jumpers, with Johdi, the Wandmaker.

Johdi Bryant, director of Wandmaker commented, ‘I’m a huge Harry Potter fan and have loved arts and crafts my whole life, so decided about three years ago to combine these interests and start designing and making my own wands. I’ve sold over 2,000 wands and sent them to 24 different countries across the world. Each one is made completely by hand, and are completely of my own design, meaning that no two wands are ever the same and are completely unique to each witch or wizard (just like in Harry Potter!)’

New Lanark provided the yarn for the original Harry Potter movie (for the scarves and jumpers) and currently sell the pattern in the same shades of yarn in the Mill shop.

We continue with international handcrafted items inspired by tales and folklore with Zena from Whimsical Whispers, who celebrates Scandanavian Folk tales and makes beautiful characters called Tomtes.

Zena from Whimsical Whispers commented, ‘I make unique and quirky Fairies, fairy accessories and gnomes, Tomte. The gnomes (which we would call the little characters, Tomte, Tomten, Nisse is the Scandinavian name for them. Tomtes are based on folklore tales where every household would have one where they would guard the home, the land and look after the animals and also help Father Christmas in with the presents in the winter. They are very easy to look after, a few beard scratches and the odd bowl of porridge keeps them happy. They can be mischievous just like their cousins, the elves. The Fairies, Faes as they like to be called, love to collect treasure and trinkets which they love to place in secret places not just in the fairy gardens people have but also in the house and make great companion's with the gnomes, Tomtes.’

Also bringing her skills from across the world, is Sientje, from Highland Sea Ceramic, who trained as a potter in Germany, who then moved to the Isle of Skye in 2001 to work in a pottery in Uig, fell madly in love with Scotland and is still here in Scotland 18 years later. The Scottish scenery and colours found in the landscape have been a massive influence in her creative work.

Visitors are invited to come and see this huge variety of products for sale in the stunning setting of New Lanark World Heritage Site. Whether you are looking for gifts, homeware or just a special something for yourself, you'll be sure to find something you'll love at the NEW New Lanark ‘Makers Markets’. Fiona and Chris from Woodford Mosaics may even feature in the “Monster Book of Monsters”, with their “Mumpers”, Monsters made from upcycled Jumpers for children and adults alike.

Only one hour drive from Glasgow and Edinburgh, New Lanark offers the perfect backdrop for this NEW ‘Makers Market’ as a rejuvenated industrial icon which has since been awarded World Heritage Status. Textile production and innovation has been the continuous thread throughout New Lanark’s history, from the village’s early years as the one-time largest cotton manufacturer in Scotland, to now producing over 60 shades of high-quality woollen yarn using historic textile machinery and launching the world’s first Organic Tartan in 2015. As mentioned, a number of exhibitors at the ‘Makers Market’ include textile related products, some made from New Lanark yarn.

When visiting the Markers Market, take a moment to visit the award winning New Lanark Visitor Centre and you can step back in time and rediscover life of this working Mill village. Following on from this, explore the industrial heritage, pick up a gift in the Mill Shop, have breakfast or lunch in the Mill Café or New Lanark Mill Hotel Restaurant, or enjoy dinner in the latter, play in the park or simply take a seat by the waterwheel and soak up the history of this magnificent 18th century cotton mill village.

To visit the Makers Market at New Lanark, the dates are as follows:-

July: 13th, 14th, 27th & 28th
August: 10th & 11th

To find out more about the Makers Market at New Lanark World Heritage Site, click here.