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Social enterprise in Lanark making furniture and changing lives

CCI wood work team

Langloch Furniture is one of four social enterprises run by Clydesdale Community Initiatives. CCI support individuals with a range of support needs to make a tangible contribution to their community.

What lies at the heart of Langloch Furniture is the dedicated team of participants who show up and give everything they can to the job at hand to the many projects that we are involved with. One of the committed team members has shared his story:

“I came to CCI on the recommendation of my occupational therapist to find a way out of a case of severe depression. Slowly through my involvement, symptoms began to improve. It gave me a reason to get out of bed in the morning. I began to mentor participants in the workshop using my previous skills set and background as a woodworker. Going from strength to strength an opportunity arose to become a member to staff and today I am employed in helping to deliver a range of furniture and woodwork projects, a testament to the benefits of social inclusion.”

Langloch furniture manufacture a wide array of products. Ranging from custom made furniture to raised beds and signage. They are currently taking orders for raised beds as it’s the perfect time of year to get ready for planting.

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