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Bring in the New Year with the Royal Burgh Dinner

The Royal Burgh Dinner

Photograph by John Prior

Now celebrating its 20th anniversary, The Royal Burgh of Lanark New Year Dinner will be held within the Cartland Bridge Hotel, Lanark on Saturday 12th January 2019.

The event, having first been held to mark the Millennium in 2000, is once again being organised this year by the Rotary Club of Lanark.

The cost of tickets for the evening is £37.50. For more information and to book tickets please contact the Lanark Royal Burgh Dinner Organising Committee on

Funds raised from the dinner will be donated to the Lanark YMCA to further support the considerable amount of work that has already been carried out to improve the facilities of the historic building. 

Lanark YMCA, through its premises at 29 Bloomgate, has had a strong presence in Lanark since 1902, building up a high level of engagement and goodwill within the community. Run on a voluntary basis, the organisation has provided a variety of much valued opportunities to a range of people through its various sports and social clubs and it is also currently home to Lanark Museum.

Unfortunately, the premises were no longer in a condition where Lanark YMCA could confidently hope to continue to provide this much valued service in the future. A management committee therefore embarked on a project with the goal of attaining a full regeneration of the facilities to allow the organisation to move forwards and offer an improved range of services to the local community for many years to come.