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Deadline for nominations set ahead of Community Council elections

The Community Council is looking for volunteers to get involved. Photo courtesy of Graeme McLeish

Submissions of nominations for election to the Royal Burgh of Lanark Community Council are now taking place with the deadline set for Wednesday 12 September.

The Community Council will reform for a new term on Thursday 25 October and is keen for a contested election to take place. However, if there are an insufficient number of candidates standing for election, then those who stand will be elected by default.

You can submit your nomination by filling out a form from The Tolbooth, or by contacting Community Council secretary Eleanor McLean.

Writing in his Let’s Be Frank column on The Lanark Website, Frank Gunning, chairman of the Community Council, encouraged locals to put their names forward.

He said: “The prime function of the Community Council has always been, and remains, to act as a liaison between the community of Lanark and the three representatives of that community elected to the hallowed halls of the county town of Hamiltonshire. This, I think, we do rather well and rather easily, given the excellent trio of South Lanarkshire Council local councillors who currently represent Clydesdale North.

“In addition of course, the Community Council amuse ourselves - and hopefully the community we represent - in myriad little ways throughout the calendar year, with such ancient ‘Aye Beens’ as the Het Pint; Whuppity Scoorie, the Lanimers; Strictly Come Dancing (recently reinvigorated); managing Lanark’s annual poppy collection and our Remembrance Service; and the jewel in our crown since it’s re-establishment in 2013, our annual Burgess Ticket Awards to deserving members of our community.

“Apart from requiring more than 14 candidates standing for election in order to avoid the humiliating shoo-in scenario, we need fresh faces, fresh blood, fresh thinking, fresh ideas.  We need you!

“We not only need the ‘dyed in the wool’ Lanarkian, we need the new residents of our town who had options open to them about where to rest their heads at night – and who chose to come and live here!  

“If you fancy putting your name on the ballot, and bear in mind that even if you are not elected you will have made a massive contribution by ensuring we do have a genuine election, nomination Forms can be obtained from The Tolbooth; from any current RBLCC member; or on-line via;

“Don’t tell us what we should have done, come and help us to do it!”