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Poppy’s Vision celebrates launch day with help from Paradventures

The event helped to raise money for the charity

Over 30 people climbed Tinto Hill to mark the beginning of local charity Poppy’s Vision, which aims to encourage families and children with mobility and additional needs to enjoy being active by taking part in outdoor activities.

The group ascended Tinto Hill with the expert leadership and logistics of Paradventures, who also supplied a specially designed all-terrain wheelchair.

Poppy’s Vision was created by Lynzi Kirkwood, who believes that outdoor activities are a great way of bringing people together.

She said: “Poppy’s Vision is inspired by my daughter, Poppy, who has cerebral palsy causing severe mobility issues. She was given a very bleak outlook in life by doctors and has proven them wrong! 

“I’m just a mum trying to makes changes to the way people approach disabilities in general and very much believe in the power of being outdoors having adventures. 

“Our group, with the right tools, can help children enjoy outdoor activities with their siblings, friends and family and be included. 

“I want to encourage people to see past disabilities and support families who have faced the same challenges in life we have.”

You can support Poppy’s Vision by clicking here.