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Two unseen Warhol exhibits unveiled for the first time at New Lanark’s Artist Textiles exhibition

A candy apple silk blouse is one of the unique items in display. Photo courtesy of Neil Hanna Photography

Curators of the Artist Textiles – Picasso to Warhol exhibition at New Lanark have revealed two unseen Warhol exhibits which have never been exhibited before either in the UK or internationally.

The touring exhibition, which opened at the World Heritage Site last week, is on display in Scotland for the first time.

A candy apple silk blouse made by the New York company Adelaar is a companion Warhol Stehli food related design and has never been exhibited before.
The second piece being displayed for the first time is a dress made with Warhol's button design textile for Leon Rosenblatt, although a multi-coloured length of cotton is already part of Artist Textiles.

There are four pieces of clothing made from printed silk textiles designed by Andy Warhol in the exhibition, all relatively new discoveries.

Two dresses printed with large ice cream cones, previously exhibited, and the candy apple blouse are all part of a group of food related designs that were printed by Stehli Silks.

Stehli, who produced the seminal 'Americana'  series of textiles in the 1920s, that included designs by the photographer Edward Steichen, had a long history of commissioning artists and illustrators.

Andy Warhol gave several rolls of his Stehli designs to his friend Stephen Bruce, owner of Serendipity3, the New York restaurant and boutique. Serendipity3 specialised in classic American food, and were famous for their 'foot long hot dogs' and elaborate ice cream desserts. Bruce had recently set up a wholesale fashion business on the first floor above the restaurant, and used these fabrics as part of a fashion collection that included a shift dress of giant pretzels that now resides in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.

Bruce still retains a photograph of another dress from this collection, made from the ice cream cone silk, but no example of the design was known to exist, until the recent discovery of these two dresses printed in two different colour-ways.

Artist Textiles - Picasso to Warhol is on display at New Lanark from 26 January until 29 April. Tickets are available to the public from