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Discover what shaped Lanark’s unique landscape at new interactive exhibition

The exhibition is supported by SSE Sustainable Development Fund and was developed by Abound Design and Interpretation and CMC Associates

Explore how ancient coal swamps, vast ice sheets and powerful rivers moulded life in the Clyde and Avon Valleys through a new exhibition at New Lanark, open now and free for local residents.

The Shaping the Landscape exhibition launched last Thursday and tells the area’s unique geological story and how it influenced the development, history and nature of this special part of the world. 

The exhibition follows a geological audit of the Clyde and Avon Valleys by British Geological Survey Scotland in 2016 and explores the 12 key sites that tell the region’s geological story including New Lanark World Heritage Site, the Falls of Clyde and Chatelherault Country Park. 

The exhibition is designed to be family friendly and covers different themes, including how the landscape was formed, how it was tamed for agriculture and industry, where gorges still teem with nature and how the landscape as a whole has inspired generations of artists and local people to this day. Multimedia and interactive exhibits are available and information on display includes stunning photography and drone footage accompanied by background music and atmospheric lighting. 

Ewan Bachell, CAVLP development officer said: “CAVLP are really excited to be involved in the creation of the exhibition with great input from the Falls of Clyde Heritage Group, Scottish Natural Heritage, Scottish Wildlife Trust and Hamilton Natural History Society. It celebrates the area’s rich geology and its diverse links with the region’s economic, ecological and cultural heritage.

“The underlying geology defines our landscape, and has impacted on every aspect of life in the Clyde and Avon Valleys, from biodiversity and watercourses, to industry and transport.”

The exhibition is free to residents within the ML8, ML9 and ML11 postcodes who bring along identification with a local address and postcode.

Visitors from further afield may view the exhibition as part of the New Lanark World Heritage Site upon purchasing of a regular day admission ticket.