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Lanark in Bloom back on the road after crowdfunding success

Ernest Romer is delighted with his Nisan NV200 van

Lanark in Bloom can continue to keep the Royal Burgh’s plant pots and flower beds looking at their best after local residents and organisations dug deep to help Ernest Romer buy a new van through a crowdfunding campaign.

The old van had come to the end of its useful life after failing a recent MOT meaning that a new van was essential to allow the group to continue its work across the town.

Ernest and the team turned to the community for help and Lanark soon answered the call with over 100 donations raising £1,580 online.

Combined with support from local groups, a new van was soon on its way and Ernest Romer, chairman of the group, is thrilled to be back behind the wheel.

He said: “A big thanks to everybody who contributed.

“I’m amazed. I was doubtful for a while and wondered where the money would come from but it all came together and that was great.

“We received £5,000 from Lanark and District Round Table and £1,000 from Scott Barr, those were the big contributions. We also received £300 from the Rotary Club of Lanark.

“The van is great to drive, fabulous. I need to watch what I’m doing since it’s new!”

Ernest is also launching a sponsorship offer for local businesses to allow them to display their logo on the van for £250, lasting the lifespan of the new vehicle.

Interested organisations can contact Lanark in Bloom on 01555 665 768 for more information.