How sick is the Lockhart?

You can submit your question to NHS Lanarkshire chiefs in advance of the meeting

No doubt you will have heard, read or noticed that NHS Lanarkshire has dropped a pre-emptive bombshell on Lockhart Hospital. All of the patients were moved to pastures new and all of the staff have been similarly located. For what purpose?

I certainly don’t have a clue. The patients and medical staff banished from the Lockhart don’t have a clue. The local community NHS Lanarkshire are so pledged to “serve” don’t have a clue. Indeed, I am not sure if NHS Lanarkshire themselves have a clue.

But somewhere, in the bowels of the NHS Bothwell HQ somebody made a decision, no doubt in the best interests of NHS Lanarkshire who exist, it is claimed, to serve the interests of all these groups who don’t have a clue.

If the relocated medical staff from the Lockhart have been so easily absorbed in other facilities, are we justified in thinking that these facilities were sadly understaffed in the first place? If the ex-Lockhart patients have been so easily bedded in these other facilities, are we also to presume that they were underperforming and had ample spare capacity to accept them?

But all is not lost as your Community Council rides to the rescue. Clarification shall be forthcoming! Rumours will be dispersed! Truth will out! Where, when and how I hear you yell? At an open meeting in Lanark Memorial Hall at 7pm on Wednesday 17th August.

This will be attended by three senior representatives of NHS Lanarkshire, including the chief executive Officer Calum Campbell.

The format of the meeting will be to start with a presentation by NHS Lanarkshire at which the past, present, and most importantly the future, of the Lockhart Hospital will be clarified.

This will be followed by a question and answer session which will - hopefully - allay the fears of all concerned and clarify the future re-opening of the Lockhart.

Priority will be given to questions submitted in advance to The Lanark Website, any Community Councillor throughout Clydesdale and the Lanark Gazette. You will then be invited to articulate your question to the NHS Panel on the night or, if preferred, have your question put to the panel on your behalf.

At a time when every MEP, MP, MSP and SLC Councillor are eager to garner your votes (well, perhaps not the MEP anymore, whoever he/she is) they will cheerfully tell you that they are absolutely determined to protect and improve our NHS. One has to wonder why they don’t seem to have conveyed all that zeal to NHS Lanarkshire. Could it perhaps be just because there are no imminent elections?


Submit your question in advance via email


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