Traditions! Use ‘em or lose ‘em!

Photo courtesy of John Prior

After the fun and the laughter and the scramble at Whuppity Scoorie, and then rapidly speeding home afterwards to dry out, that first peal of the town bell also heralded the opening of the metaphorical window for nominations of worthy candidates for our annual and now once again traditional Burgess of the Royal Burgh of Lanark.

There are rules, but no’ that many!

Nominations must be proposed and seconded by residents of the Royal but the nominees do not have to be residents so long as the reasons for which they are being nominated benefitted a person(s): club; organisation; group or cause in the Royal Burgh and/or otherwise contributed to the common good of the Royal Burgh.

Nomination forms can be acquired from any Community Councillor, local SLC Councillor, Lanark Library or the Memorial Hall Box Office.

Anyone reading this column on The Lanark Website should note that the nomination form can very easily be completed on this site.

Please be aware that between 1075 and 2012, no Burgess were elected! As a result, many, many people are in the position of being so well-known and thoroughly deserving that it is generally taken for granted that they will already be Burgess!

If you would like a check made to confirm/exclude anyone you may wish to nominate does not already have a Burgess Ticket, or on someone you have always assumed has one already, send the name via e-mail to The Lanark Website who will forward it to me for checking.

The window will close at midnight on the 11th June (which just happens to be the night of the Lanimer Ball) and the RBLCC would urge you to submit your nomination(s) as soon as possible rather than, as many do, wait until the last dance at the Lanimer Ball to give the subject any thought at all!



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