Perambulation of the Marches: Monday 3 June 2019

Lanark Lord Cornets

The sun makes an appearance to shine on the Lord Cornets Club starting this year's Marches celebrations

The annual Perambulation of the Marches and Shifting of the Standard took place on Monday 3rd June 2019. 

"Regarded by many Lanarkians as their favourite day of the week, the Perambulation of the Marches dates back to 1752, until then riders did the whole circuit on horseback during the one day. Due to an increase in the cropping of fields along the route it became difficult for the horsemen to pass without damaging the crops therefore the Perambulation was carried out at the start of the day. This continued until sometime after the mid 1800’s when the first part of the inspection was moved from the Thursday to the Monday of the same week. Nowadays starting in Hope Street at 6pm. and led by the Lord Cornet and Ex-Lord Cornets’ what can appear to be the whole town traverse the countryside to the north of the town checking along the way those march stones in this part of the Burgh. The actual numbers of those taking part can vary but in an average year there are around 2,500 participants walking a distance of about 8Km (over 3½ miles)."

Despite the wet weather this year, over 900 members of the local community turned out in force to walk the historic 'Marches' route around the town's boundary. At the cross, dancers from Ceila Orr School of Dance showed great dedication in carrying on their smiling performances through the rain.

The Shifting of the Standard at the cross began with 2018's Lord Cornet Gary Winning outlining his highlights of the year in a speech to John Dickman, Chairman of the Lanimer Commitee. 

The Lanark Burgh Standard was then passed "unsullied and unstained" to Lord Cornet Ian Douglas by 2018's Lord Cornet Gary Winning.

Lord Cornet Ian Douglas received his sash of office from Sashing Lady Vicki Gault, and Cornets’ Club Badge from Jane Pillans, wife of Stephen Pillans, current President of the Lord Cornets Club.

In a first for Lanark, the Cornets performed the 'Lanark song', penned in 2002 by Elspeth Riddet. The song has been sung in many Border town's annual festivities, but never before in Lanark. 

The evening concluded with the Lord Cornet’s Reception at which he plays host to those who have supported the Perambulation of the Marches and visitors.

Lanark's Lanimer Week celebrations continue throughout this week, click here to read more about the key dates and times.

A selection of photographs from Lanark Marches 2019.

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Photos by John Prior

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Photo by Billy Quigley

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A message from Lanark Lanimer Committee RE Tuesday Ride Out Chase Postponement: Following a meeting of our horse committee and taking into account all factors, it has been decided that the chases will be postponed and not take place on Tuesday 4th June 2019. It is envisaged that we may still be able to use part of the racecourse for our ride route dependant on weather and ground conditions. This will be assessed on Tuesday. There is a possibility the chases can be incorporated  into the Thursday afternoon ride but again this will depend on a dynamic assessment of the conditions. We know the chases are a highlight for riders and spectators, but the safety of riders and horses must come first.