Perambulation of the Marches Monday 6 June

Over 1,300 people took part in the annual ramble around the Royal Burgh on Monday night as Gordon Jess received the Burgh Standard and was sashed as Lord Cornet for 2016.

There was a great sense of excitement at Hope Street as the event got underway following the traditional photograph at the Sheriff Court.

Five Lanarkians each received £1,000 in the Silver Club draw with Trish Shanks, William Shankie, Donald Liddell, Nikki Strachan and Gordon Brown named as the lucky winners.

The party then assembled at the Cross for the Shifting of the Standard as Loraine Swan, Chair of the Lanimer Committee, thanked a number of organisations for their hard work as well as the outgoing Lord Cornet and Lanimer Queen for their efforts and wished the Lanimer Court well for the year ahead.

The Lord Cornet Elect received the Burgh Standard and was then sashed as Lord Cornet by Grace Abernethy, receiving his badge from Jane Smith.

The Sashing Lady was then presented with flowers and a photograph and the outgoing Cornet Gordon Gray also presented flowers and a photograph to the pinning lady.

A performance of Scots Wha Hae by members of the Lord Cornets’ Club rounded off the ceremony before Lord Cornet Gordon Jess was joined by a large number of well-wishers at St Nicholas Parish Church Hall for the Lord Cornet’s Reception.