The Scottish Rifles were formed in 1881 by the amalgamation of the 1st Battalion 26th (The Cameronian) Regiment of Foot and the 2nd Battalion 90th Regiment of Foot (Perthshire Volunteers Light Infantry). The Cameronians can be traced back to 1689 when they were known as The Earl of Angus's Regiment.

Although local men had always served in the Cameronians it was not until 1947 that the Regiment once again had a direct connection with Lanark. In 1936 £150,000 was set aside for the construction of a new headquarters for the Scottish Rifles. Building began at Lanark in late 1939 and the newly named Winston Barracks were completed by 1941.

The Cameronians did not take up occupancy until after the war, because until that time the Barracks were used by a number of training units. When they finally arrived in 1947 the Town Council unanimously approved that the Regiment be awarded the Freedom of the Burgh.

Winston barracks, Lanark constructed. It was later to be the base for the Scottish Rifles (Cameronians).

From 1961 the Barracks were shared by the Royal Highland Fusiliers and the Cameronians. Both regiments moved to the Lowland Brigade Depot at Glencorse Barracks, Edinburgh when it opened in 1964. The 52nd Lowland Division took over the barracks until it closed in 1967.

In 1968, faced with the threat of amalgamation with another Lowland Regiment, the Cameronians chose to disband.