1st Tote in Scotland introduced at Lanark Racecourse.

The Tote, originally known as the Horserace Totalisor Board was set up in 1928 by Winston Churchill as a government-appointed board. It was established to provide a safe, state- controlled alternative to illegal off course bookmakers. It also ensured that some gambling income was put back into the sport of horse racing.

The first Tote was opened at Carlisle in early 1929 and Lanark became the venue of the second. The Tote in Lanark opened in July 1929 and was an immediate success. Its automated system allowed the calculation and then speedy display of odds and winning prices. Despite this automation it required 220 people to run it during race meetings.

Its popularity was demonstrated by the fact that before the first race in which it was first used started there had been over 6,500 bets taken. The Tote in Lanark continued in use until racing at Lanark ceased in 1977.