1st Scottish International Aviation Meeting held at Lanark.

Lanark has a unique place in the history of aviation in Scotland: Scotland's first International Aviation meeting was held there between the 6th and 13th August 1910.

It was one of the largest events organized in Scotland at that time. The aerodrome had over 9 miles of telephone cable, the Aerodrome Post Office employed 30 telegraph operators and the Caledonian Railway Company built a new station where at least 14 special trains ran daily.

Competitions for cash prizes included - Long Distance, Cross Country Flights, Speed, Altitude, Weight Carrying and Delivery of Dispatches. 22 aviators from all over the world attended, including one from Peru. The prizes offered were (for the time!) very generous, most first prizes were over £250, and the winner of the Cross Country Flights Competition was awarded £1,610. [£1 in 1910 was equivalent to £57 in 2010]

Despite not making any profit the meeting was still regarded as a great success. World records for altitude and speed were set, and a total of nearly 215,000 people attended.