Lanark Barracks closed and 2nd Royal Lanark Militia remove to Hamilton.

The Lanark Militia was founded in 1798 based largely around Glasgow. In 1854 a second Militia Regiment was raised by Sir D. Carrick-Buchannan for the County as the 2nd Royal Lanarkshire, which in 1877 was divided into two Battalions. The headquarters of the Regiment was at Lanark Barracks on a site on the corner of Hyndford Road and Home Street, which was later occupied by the Lady Hozier Home.

The Regiment saw action during the Crimean War from February 1855 to June 1856. It also served in the Indian Mutiny, etc. during the period from October 1857 to June 1860.

All Territorial Regiments were reorganised in 1881 and the two battalions of the 2nd Royal Lanark Militia became the 3rd and 4th battalions of the Scottish Rifles and were then based in Hamilton. Shortly after this Lanark Barracks were demolished.