Reconstruction of Lanark Tolbooth as a meeting place for the Town Council and “The Gentlemen of The County”. Tolbooth existed on the same site since at least 1400

An early reference to the 'Tolbuth' in Lanark is found in the Burgh Records of 20th May 1488. This building stood at the foot of the Heitoun (High Street) until 1571 when, in a ruinous condition, it required major reconstruction.

As a result of an embarrassing escape of prisoners a further reconstruction was undertaken in 1714 to make the prison more secure.

The structure was again ruinous by 1777 and an agreement was reached between the Town Council and the Gentlemen of the County to share the costs of a new building. This was erected in 1778 and continued in use until 1836 when a replacement was built in Hope Street. Part of the building is now run by the Tolbooth Heritage Trust and is used for community events.