Lanark Grammar School Sports 1948

Lanark Grammar School Sports 1948

Lanark Grammar School office bearers in 1948

Loyalty to the original House System at Lanark Grammar was always strongest during the annual School Sports’ Day, with an anxious wait for announcement of Cock House; whether Braxfield, Hyndford, Jerviswood or Lockhart topping the board. In 1948 it was Jerviswood, with a score of 489½ points. Braxfield was Runner Up with 457 points.

That year Ray Gillespie was the 80yds intermediate girls’ champion and Eric Paterson the overall boys’ champion. He was first in the 100yds, 220yds, 440yds, High Jump and Long Jump; Braxfield’s high hope.

Tom Murphy had led the charge for Jerviswood’s ultimate win with his middle distance runs over 880yds and a mile. It was a big event with lots of ‘little events, which also counted.  It was fun to watch the sack races, egg & spoon races, pick a back and 3-legged races; and who’s that lad taking first in the Under 14 Obstacle Race but one Robert Kirkhope!

Later in the afternoon a sprightly Byrnece Wilson won the Over-14 Skipping Rope event, after heats and a final involving 39 girls. Every year had its heroes. We’ll be back with more another time.

Our picture shows the school office bearers for 1948. Who can you spot?