The Royal Burgh of Lanark is steeped in tradition. It has been an important market town in Scotland since medieval times when King David I granted Lanark Royal Burgh status in 1140 and the town is proud of its rich heritage.

Lanark has had several important figures in its long history from a wide range of different backgrounds. The town also has stronger ties to the William Wallace legacy than you might think. He is believed to have married a Lanark lass, Marion Braidfute, and he first drew his sword in Lanark in 1297.

There are a variety of landmarks across the area. Lanark once had its own Racecourse near the Loch which was a bustling scene in its heyday and home of the Silver Bell, which is one of the oldest sporting trophies in the world and is still held to this day. It was also the venue for Scotland’s first ever airshow in 1910 where over 250,000 people came to watch the spectacle.