The Rotary Club of Lanark

01555 860 252

  • Supporting local organisations
  • Active in the community
  • Contributing towards various projects
  • Meeting nights Wednesday at 6pm
  • Based in The Crown Tavern
  • New members welcome

So what do you think of the Rotary Club of Lanark?  If you think about us at all you probably think of a bunch of well-meaning folk from Saga rattling cans and running events to raise money for charity, well, you’re partially correct!  We do rattle cans and run charity events, we do provide funds, mentoring and support for local charities and organisations but we do a lot more besides!  And we’re not (all) eligible for Saga!

The Rotary Club is a large group of business and professional friends who primarily like each other and enjoy each other’s company; meet on a regular basis over a tasty bite; enjoy a very busy and varied Rotary social life; and at the same time gain a great deal of fun, fellowship and laughter as we try to be of service to the community we live in and hold so dear. And please note – we’re always eager to meet and make new friends and potential members!

That’s on a local Lanark level. But our Rotary is just one of thousands all over the globe who are superbly managed and organised and able to act collectively to provide aid, care and support to the global community wherever and whenever needed. 

In this way we can collectively feed the starving; heal the sick; provide clean water; and eliminate disease.  Not a bad aspiration is it?  As an example of the last and in collaboration with Bill Gates, Rotary International has all but succeeded in totally eliminating the curse of polio and will have completed the task within five years max! 

Because Rotary Clubs worldwide are full of able, motivated volunteers – but mainly because they are volunteers – this is all achieved at no cost whatsoever to anybody other than to those kind souls who support our “can rattling and charity events” and to them we are eternally grateful! 

This is particularly evident during the many and sadly all too regular disasters worldwide when, thanks to this army of Rotary volunteers, every penny of every pound donated is utilised to provide and send masses of emergency materials and equipment instantly! 

by Frank Gunning