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Lanark Rugby Club vs Cumbernauld 23.11.19

Lanark Rugby Club

Lanark Rugby Club Match Report

Report submitted by Amy Cornett 

Lanark vs. Cumbernauld 23.11.19

The 23rd of November saw an intense match between Lanark and Cumbernauld, though despite Lanark’s best effort and might, Cumbernauld came out on top with the final score standing at 34-17.

Lanark hosted the game this week, welcoming familiar faces to support the boys at their first home match at the racecourse since October. Both teams performed excellently, though Cumbernauld scored 5 tries with 3 conversions, alongside a penalty goal worth 3 points while Lanark scored 3 tries thanks to Andrew Kilgour, Graeme McNicol and Ruaraidh Mclatchie with 1 conversion from Steve McKeown.

The win for Cumbernauld was not achieved so easily however, as Lanark scored the first try of the game and upheld positivity and moral as points rolled in. The second half of the match ultimately saw opposition take charge of the pitch as Lanark found it more difficult to break-through the try line, but this is cannot taint the skill of the players as defence kept the ball on their side.

As the match progressed it seemed as though the clock sped up, with Cumbernauld taking charge as time looked to be running out. Intensity built on the pitch as injuries heightened and frustration grew on both sides, but it was the penalty for the opponents which pushed the team ahead.

An unfortunate loss did not take away from the quality of the match, and Lanark welcome the challenge against Shawlands on familiar ground on the 30th of November at 2pm. Come along to Lanark racecourse and support your local team – and have fun doing so!

Congratulations to Cumbernauld and thanks for a great game, but fingers crossed for our boys next time!