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Lanarkhelps community phoneline still here to help


The Lanarkhelps phoneline will be continuing to serve the local community

The Lanarkhelps community phoneline was set up in spring 2020 as a direct response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The phoneline provides practical support to people living in Lanark and the surrounding villages. 

To date, almost 800 individual calls have been received resulting in close to 1000 prescriptions, shopping requests and food bank referrals being processed.

Rev. Bryan Kerr of Greyfriars Parish Church commented "The Co-ordinators have met and decided that the need to keep Lanarkhelps going is still important. We feel there is still a role in providing support for the community. With new restrictions in place for what could be the next 6 months, we have seen an increase in the number of calls received over the last week or so. These are not returning to April levels, but are still resulting in three or four requests per day. This is significant. Having spoken with the Pharmacies in the town they have expressed their thanks for what we have done, and also their appreciation at the plans to keep the service going."

From 5 October, the Lanarkhelps phoneline will be available from 9am – 3pm, Monday - Friday with an emergency cover from 3pm – 4:45pm. 

Individuals phoning from 3pm onwards will receive a new message to press 1 to be connected if they have an issue that cannot wait until the following day. There will be no weekend service due to a lack of demand.

The Lanarkhelps phoneline can be accessed by calling 01555 437 051.

Lanarkhelps isn't just a helpline. The group also runs a variety of projects to benefit those in need in the local community. Click here to find out more about these projects.