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Lanarkians kick off 2019 with traditional 'Het Pint'

Het Pint 2019

Andy Morrison, Royal Burgh of Lanark Community Council Vice Chairperson, welcomed a crowd of around 60 to this ancient tradition.

The Het Pint ceremony, held on the first of January, is an old custom peculiar to Lanark. Hardy citizens of the town meet at the Tolbooth at ten in the morning and receive a glass of hot spiced ale (or mulled wine), nowadays courtesy of the Community Council. A pound note is also given to any older person attending who cares to claim one.

The ceremony is well known to all Lanarkians and is regarded with pleasure and affection. Few are aware that it was made possible by a Mortification (bequest) for purely educational purposes.

The Hyndford Mortification was mainly designed to give five poor boys bursaries at Lanark Grammar School. In March 1662, Robert Birnie, the Lanark minister, presented "on behalf of James Lord Carmichael (later Lord Hyndford) 'two bonds and a ticket' in favour of the schoolmaster and five poor scholars at the school of Lanerk and uther pious uses and of the musitioner (assistant teacher of music) of the said burgh".

At this year's ceremony, Andy recounted all the great events etc from throughout 2018, and praised all the volunteers in the town who make all these happen, from Lanimer Week to the inaugural FlowerFest in Castlebank Park. He also appealed for anyone else in the community to consider volunteering to any of the numerous organisations within the Burgh. 

A toast to the Royal Burgh of Lanark was made with was a glass of the 'Het Pint'. 

For more information on Lanark's history and traditions, visit the Lanark Museum.