The Art of Compromise

We were going to do it in February, then delayed it to our March meeting, then delayed it again to the April meeting – and finally got the job done at our meeting last Monday. “Got what done?”  I hear you ask. The issue with regard to the format of the annual Remembrance Service organised by the Community Council.

Vast hordes of troubled and concerned citizens responded to the call to write to us to express their heart-felt opinions on the subject – well, four of them did anyway.

Of the four received, 2.5 of which were from our own RBLCC members (2 x community councillors and the better half of a third) the comments favoured were two for a return to the pre-Memo closure format, and two preferred the format that evolved thereafter. 

The RBLCC debated the entire issue at length and opted for neither – or both if you like!  What did you expect? This is Lanark after all.

There will continue to be a Church service in St Nicholas Parish Church at the Cross at 10.30am on Remembrance Sunday on Sunday 13th November. At the conclusion of this service, commencing at 11.35am, there will be a parade led by Lanark and District Pipe Band from Hyndford Place/Castlegate to the Memorial Hall.

While some are thus engaged at St Nicholas, people of all faiths and none will be very welcome to take their seats in the main auditorium in the Memorial Hall to await the arrival of the main ‘body of the kirk’ (if you’ll pardon the expression?) to the Hall, and thereafter, a short secular Act of Remembrance following the exact same format as previously held in the Memorial Hall and seemingly engraved on the bucket list of those of the fervent “It’s Aye Been” brotherhood!

At the conclusion of this Act of Remembrance, there will NOT be a public parade returning to the Church Hall as in previous years.

In this way the main issues of complaint offered against the continuation of the format of the previous few years have been overcome i.e. there will be no requirement whatsoever for elderly people or children or indeed anyone else to be shivering in St Leonard Street!  It will also minimise the period during which St Leonard Street is closed to traffic and, last but by no means least, no person of any faith or none will feel unable to attend.

One small thought for the day though, what do all those people do at weddings and/or funerals of friends – skip the service and head for the purvey? Or don’t they have friends at all?



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